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For ALL of your Whitetail Deer Farming needs!

At Whitetail Sales & Supplies, our motto is "For ALL of your Whitetail Deer Farming Needs!". This is a statement we do not make light-heartedly. Our goal is not only to provide the Whitetail Deer Farmer with all of the products necessary to become a successful Deer Breeder, but also to be a resource for both new and experienced Deer Farming Ranchers. Many of our products apply to the Elk industry as well. We offer free consultations for any and all deer farms, wether you are new to the Deer Industry or an experienced top breeder, we are in a unique position to consolidate the best ideas in the industry, put those ideas to the test, and share those experiences with the world!

Whitetail Deer farm supplies are constantly evolving, and our product development goals are a daily endeavor. If you need advice on one of the many pro-biotics available to a deer farm, we can help. If you want to vaccinate your own Fawns, we can share with you the best techniques used by the top deer breeders in the industry. We have everything you need to raise healthy fawns, including Superior, Zoologic or Fox Valley Milk Replacer, bottles, nipples, starter pellets and our exclusive fawn first aid kit, just to name a few. We have in stock all types of health care products for a whitetail deer herd. From vaccinations to wormers to vitamins, we can take care of all of your pharmaceutical needs.

If you need advice on fencing or pen layout, we can get you on the right track. We have relationships with the USDA and the top entomologist's in the world, with whom we speak with on a regular basis to learn the latest techniques in preventing EHD (epizootic hemorrhagic disease) and BTV (Blue Tongue Virus). We can show you how to use the latest pest control equipment such as ULV (ultra low volume) Foggers and Misting systems to protect your herd. We can also show you the best chemical combinations to use for Midge, Fly and Tick control. Wether you want to use pesticides such as pyrethroids or pyrethrins, or growth inhibitors such as methoprene, or permethrin synergists such as PBO (Piperonyl Butoxide), we can show you how to apply the least amount of chemical and achieve the maximum knockdown. We have in stock products like Durvet Permethrin and Tengard just to name a few.