Gramin Grain And Feed Mixer 750#

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  • Manufactured by: Whitetail Supplies

Gramin Grain and Feed Mixer - 750#

Gramin Commercial Grain Mixers are engineered for both efficiency and cost effectiveness. They excel at both of these because the units employ gravity as part of the mixing process. This means they require less horsepower and makes them less costly to operate. Both heavy duty and quiet, these  mixers provide quick and total blending of grains, mineral supplements and vitamins. The primary factor in this patented two-way mixing action is gravity. Because its turning drum is mounted on an incline feed flows to the back where it is scooped up and dropped into the auger, which moves it forward. With the discharge door closed, the feed flows back into the hopper and moves back to repeat the process. With the drum quietly turning at four revolutions per minute feed is thoroughly and completely mixed. To discharge the mixed ration, simply open the discharge door. No reversing action or high maintenance, unnecessary moving parts are required in this design. The best thing about this Mixer is that it does NOT damage your pellets or grains.