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Fawn Arrival Paste

Product Summary

Fawn Arrival™ with Encrypt® enhances fawns’ natural immunity, helping them cope with scours and enteric pathogens in newborn fawns.

Administering all-natural Fawn Arrival after birth and at times of illness or stress bolsters the process of the fawns’ immune system.

Fawn Arrival Paste is Specially Formulated for Newborn Fawns

  • Targeted egg-yolk proteins help combat eight common pathogens that cause malnutrition and scours
  • Lactic-acid-producing bacteria and other ingredients provide additional nutrients
  • Contains Encrypt, a unique carbon extract with antimicrobial properties that decreases scour causing pathogens and promotes growth of beneficial bacterial in the digestive tract (Encrypt is what gives Fawn Arrival its characteristic black color)
  • Highly palatable, easy to use and extremely digestible
  • Long-lasting effectiveness, even when stored for long periods of time

Perfect for Fawns Remaining with their Mothers, and for Bottle Fed Fawns

The biological components in Fawn Arrival Paste were selected for their symbiotic relationship with the enteric microflora. All components are safe, natural biological products. For optimal results, administer the dosage based on body weight on the back of the tongue:

  • at birth
  • at any time it is necessary to handle fawns or any other time the fawn is subjected to stress
  • if scouring occurs

May also be administered to scouring or lethargic adults.

To Use: For best results, apply 7-8 grams (1/2 tube) orally on the back of the tongue to newborn fawns. 1 full tube (15 grams) can be given to fawns or deer weighing over 10 lbs when scours appear or during times of stress, otherwise, use a half of a tube for Fawns under 10 pounds.