Eazi Breed Sheep Cidr Applicator Gun


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  • Model: Eazi Breed Sheep CIDR Applicator
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Eazi Breed Sheep CIDR Applicator Gun

The CIDR gun is used to insert an Eazi Breed Sheep CIDR (Controlled Internal Drug Release) into a doe which causes a false pregnancy. This applicator gun is a must have for anyone who wishes to artificially inseminate a whitetail doe.

Whitetail Deer Doe Artificial Insemination Guidlines

Pick a date that you want the does to give birth. Normal gestation for fawns is between 190-200 days. Now that you have a date picked, back it up 15-16 days and start the process. Example: To have fawns born on May 30th count back anywhere from 205-206 to 215-216 days. This is the day you will insert the CIDR, starting the process. You can run the doe into a handling facility or tranquilize them. Once you have them were you can work with the doe, use the CIDR gun with KY jelly on the tip to insert the CIDR into the vagina of the doe. Lift up the doe’s tail and insert the CIDR first at an upward angle to get past the pelvis bone and then push level into the deer pushing the plunger of the CIDR gun and inserting the CIDR so the plastic tail is still visible once the gun is removed. The CIDR stays in the doe for 14 days. After those 14 days, bring the doe in again, grab the plastic tail of the CIDR and pull it out. If you don’t see the tail of the CIDR, push apart the vulva and see if it is inside the deer. Always use sterile gloves and lubricant. Once in a while, the deer will pull the CIDR out on their own but not very often. When the CIDR is removed this causes a false pregnancy and causes the doe to cycle again. Now wait 55-60 hours before Artificially Inseminating the doe..