Papa Deer Handler

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  • Model: Papa Deer Handler
  • 1000 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Deer Store

The Papa Deer Handler


Pictured is the patented right hand "Papa" Deerhandler™ Chute. The "Papa" is the king of all deer chutes and is regarded as the most effective piece of deer handling equipment on the market today. With all these features, there is virtually no limit to the tasks a deer farmer can perform on small and big deer. Its unique design safely allows the operator to stand right next to the biggest buck, even with his antlers. The "Papa" is perfect for the following tasks:

AI'ing, Tagging, Tattooing, TB Testing, Cutting or Scoring of Antlers, Hoof Trimming, Ultra-sounding Does, Semen Collecting, DNA Sampling, and Administering Medications.


  • Opens fully for accessing approximately 85% of the deer's body
  • Narrow bottom half allows the operator to stand right next to the deer
  • Large round top to accommodate large antlered bucks
  • Three spring loaded (overhead) bi-fold doors provide unobstructed openings on both sides
  • A bottom door on each side for accessing legs and collecting semen
  • Side trip-floor lever and foot-floor raising pedal on operating side
  • New improved manual headgate makes headman's job much easier
  • Both sides of cradle swing open evenly for gentle release of the deer
  • Shoulder stops keep deer from escaping when headgate opens
  • Creep proof chute entrance
  • Ceiling mounted backpress securely holds deer down in cradle
  • Full width rubber covered drop-floor with built in kick protector panel
  • Walk through palpation cage - only model with this feature
  • Available in right or left hand models.

How do you know if you need a right hand or a left hand model? The orientation is determined by imagining following the deer into the chute. If the controls are on the left, it's a left hand, and if they're on the right, it's a right hand.


  • Weight = 740 lbs
  • Length = 124" open & 92" closed
  • Width = 36" ISM & 42" OSM
  • Height = 79" closed & 96" open
The Papa Deerhandler PD_easy_access
The Papa Deer Handler The "All Access" Papa Deer Handler enables an operator to perform various tasks on deer
PD_Scale_Tunnel AIing_Easy
Papa Deerhandler™ connected to Delclayna Tunnel System With the animal being so
assessible, AI'ing is made easy
Front_PD_Manual_Headgate Backpress_All_Models
Front view of the
Papa and its headgate
The Backpress safely and
effectively restrains deer