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Fawn Arrival™ Powder

Product Summary

Fawn Arrival™ with Encrypt® enhances fawns’ natural immunity, helping them cope with scours and enteric pathogens in newborn fawns.  Administering all-natural Fawn Arrival during the first 2 weeks of life aids in protecting the fawns’ developing immune system.

Fawn Arrival is a Powder Specially Formulated for Bottle-Fed Fawns

  • Targeted egg-yolk proteins help combat eleven common pathogens that cause malnutrition and scours
  • Lactic-acid-producing bacteria and other Direct Fed Microbials provide additional nutrients
  • Contains Encrypt, a unique carbon extract with antimicrobial properties, that decreases scour causing pathogens and promotes growth of beneficial bacterial in the digestive tract. Encrypt is also what gives Fawn Arrival its characteristic dark gray color.
  • Milk and milk replacer become dark gray when adding Fawn Arrival, but there’s no change in palatability of the milk. And, the manure’s characteristic dark gray color assures you that fawns are receiving Fawn Arrival.
  • Long-lasting effectiveness, even when stored for long periods of time.

Ideal for bottle-fed fawns!

  • Administer 1 gram per feeding during the first 2 days of life, 3 times daily (3 grams total per day).
  • During days 3-14, feed 1 gram per feeding, 2 times daily (2 grams total per day).
  • Product can be mixed with milk replacer, whole milk or water. Feed at body temperature to aid feed adsorption.
  • May be top-dressed on feed for scouring or lethargic adults at a rate of 5-10 grams per head per day.

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