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  • Model: PEACE MAKER 11.25# PAIL
  • Shipping Weight: 14lbs
  • 2000 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Head Gear LLC


Increased level of activity and aggressive behavior can lead to costly injuries, broken antlers or even worse, mortality in high value deer.  New PeaceMaker™ is a powerful tool to help “keep the peace” and reduce potential injuries during rut, breeding season, handling and other key times throughout the year.
All natural PeaceMaker supplement is scientifically formulated with the optimum levels of magnesium, Vitamin B1 and inositol designed to deliver a positive impact on mood, mental health and neuromuscular function.
Fed during rut, pre-rut, breeding season, shipping, handling, fawning or all year long, PeaceMaker is a powerful tool to help reduce costly injuries, broken antlers and mortalities due to increased levels of activity.

Delivers Optimum Levels Of Key Nutrients Designed To Calm the Mood And Metabolism In Cervids

•Magnesium is a key nutrient important for the release and uptake of serotonin by brain cells.  Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that acts in the central nervous system where it modulates anger, aggression, and mood.
•Added Magnesium helps to reduce the stress response and supports sound neuromuscular function.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
•Vitamin B1 is a key nutrient essential for nerve stimulation and for metabolism of carbohydrates to fuel the brain and body with energy.  Deficiency in Vitamin B1 can lead to mood disorders, irritability, anxiety,restlessness and panic disorder.
 •Supplemental Vitamin B1 has been shown to help enhance mood and help avoid neurological impacts of Vitamin B1 deficiency.
•Inositol plays a role in key chemical reactions in the brain related to mood regulation. It has been shown to help reduce the impact of stress induced anxiety, panic disorder, and other psychological conditions
•Also aids in improving fat transport and nerve transmission.
•Inositol supplementation has been shown to provide positive support for mild mood changes and occasional anxiety caused by stress.

Contains no herbal ingredients nor tryptophan.  Eliminates concerns of potential unwanted side effects.

To use:  Top dress or mix in feed at a rate of ½ ounce per day (1/2 scoop) for each deer.  One scoop for every two deer in the pen.  During rut, pre-rut, breeding season and other times of elevated excitability or aggressive behavior, double the dose.  Top dress or mix in feed at a rate of on (1) ounce per day (1 scoop) for each deer. One (1) ounce scoop enclosed in each pail.  When level full, one scoop delivers approximately 1 ounce of PeaceMaker.

Available in 11.25# plastic, sealable pails.

Doses Per 11.25# pail:
   Normal dose = 360
   High Activity (rut) dose = 180

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