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  • Model: MAG ULV
  • Shipping Weight: 150lbs
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: London Fog, Inc


The London Fogger M.A.G. is a ULV fogger and is the ideal fogger to control insects and mosquitoes in a medium-sized indoor area or in outdoor areas up to 100’s acres. ULV is an abbreviation for the term Ultra Low Volume. This designation refers to treating areas within an aerosol state. Occasionally ULV FOGGERS are called AEROSOL GENERATORS or COLD FOGGERS since no heating of the formulation is necessary.

The size of the insecticide particle, or droplet size, created in an aerosol fog is the only way to create a suspended “FOG” of insecticide chemical that remains suspended in the air, from about 40 feet down to the ground. The extremely small droplet size of the Fogger allows the suspended chemical droplet to drift through your property and surrounding property with a true FOG. And with the correct chemical combination, you can kill and control insects such as the EHD carrying midge fly, ticks, flies, horse flies and west nile virus carrying mosquitoes.

Farmers and Small communities are saving tons of money on chemical cost by applying the correct combination of insecticides in an Ultra Low Volume fogging application and are achieving a kill rate unmatched by any other application available.

This compact, light weight model is ideal for small communities or farms or ranches of any size with a limited budget. The Machine is the perfect chemical applicator for control of Flies, Midges and Mosquitoes. These machines are very popular with Farmers from coast to coast. We have customers using them in their small back yard, and Farmers who use them on their 100 acre ranches.

The London Fogger M.A.G. (Medium Area Generator) all-metal nozzle creates 80% of particles that are less than 20 microns in diameter. A high-velocity turbulent air blast disperses the aerosol throughout the target area. The flow rate can be adjusted for various liquids or applications by installing discs with different orifice sizes (4 sizes included). Applications should be made with an oil based pesticide with the correct emulsifier that is specifically designed for "ariel" space spraying. Consultations on your specific application is free of charge. Just give Michael a call and he will get you on the right track.

The M.A.G. is constructed with a lightweight aluminum frame. It is welded for strength and powder coated for longevity. For outdoor applications, this lightweight model can easily be mounted on vehicles, trailers, golf carts or ATV’s. For indoor applications, an optional wheel kit is available.

With all of the misinformation out there, contact your local pest control professional, city engineer or municipality expert and see why the ONLY CHOICE of cities and municipalities nationwide use fogging applicators for the most effective knock down of insects.


·  Siphon nozzle with 4 orifice disks included.

·  All metal, wear-resistant nozzle creates the best particle size. 80% of particles are less than 20 microns in diameter at recommended flow rates.

·  Sonic jet air blast provides the best chemical dispersion. A super high velocity, turbulent air stream disperses the aerosol throughout the target area

·  Optional Remote Spray On/Off

·  M. A. G. can be wheel or skid mounted for use indoors or outdoors on all-terrain vehicles, golf carts or trucks.


Model: M.A.G. (Medium Area Generator)

Engine: Honda, 5.5 H.P.

Fuel Tank : 1 gallon (4.1L) (4.3 Qt) gasoline

Compressor: 2 cylinder, single stage, heavy duty cast iron

Operating Pressure: 90 to 100 PSI

Formulation Output: 0 to 6 ounces (0 to 178 ml) per minute

Particle Size: 80% less than 20 microns

Formulation Tank: 2 gallons (7.6L) Optional 2.5 gallon jug holder

Nozzle: Single directional nozzle on swivel

Length: 28” (71.1 cm)

Width: 18 inches (45.7 cm)

Height: 21” (53.3 cm)

Weight: 112.8 lbs (51 kg)