Head Gear products offer the most advanced nutritional science and animal health technology to wild and farmed deer to grow healthier, larger deer, and bigger antlers.  Head Gear products are developed by a team of animal scientists, microbiologists, nutritionists and agricultural experts who have decades of experience in the animal health and nutrition fields, who provide natural, proven, cutting-edge solutions to the whitetail, dairy, beef and poultry industries that improve production, performance and overall animal health.  These solutions have been integrated for various species into an indispensable component of the most advanced animal agriculture productions in the U.S. and abroad.

The other commonality of the Head Gear group is that all of us are avid hunters and wildlife enthusiasts with a passion for the outdoors.  The creation of Head Gear has allowed us to extend our professional expertise to the animals and sports we love.

The Head Gear team is dedicated to bringing you the most advanced, natural, nutritional science, so that you can pursue your passions!